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Weather / climate

Sky scene from Lowerfield Farm, Broadway | Cotswolds
As in much of southern Britain, the Cotswolds' weather is characterised by mild winters and warm summers.

The average temperature in the Cotswolds in the winter months is around 4°C (39°F), while in the summer the average rises to about 22°C (72°F). Temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

The Cotswolds receives most of its rain in the autumn and winter months, with its driest season being between April and July.




Daylight hours differ markedly between summer and winter, with about 16.5 hours of daylight in late June, with the sun setting near 9.20pm.

The UK is renowned for its rainfall, but it's an interesting fact that we receive significantly less rain than New York, Sydney or Tokyo, for example. It can however rain at any time of year, and a higher proportion of days will have at least a shower, which goes to explaining this reputation. This spread of rainfall does give us our wonderfully green landscape through much of the year. 



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